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    National 863 Project

    National Top Projects ( National 863 Projects and Aero-Space Projects)

  • In January 2013, Ally contracted with Beijing Aerospace Institute 101, provided a 800Nm3/h hydrogen generation plant based on methanol reforming, provided the institute liquid hydrogen as fuel for launching satellites in Northern China.
  • In October 2011, Ally contracted with Blue Star Aerospace Chemical Ltd., provided a set of 600Nm3/h hydrogen plant based on methanol...

    Standard Setting

    Participated in the editing of 6 China National Standards and drafted1 International Standard:

  • Technical Requirement of Pressure Swing Adsorption Hydrogen Purification System (GB/T 19773-2005, participator: Ms. Wu Sujuan)
  • Technical Regulation of Hydrogen Filling Station (GB50516-2010 Participator: Mr. Wang Yeqin)...

    The company's technology research and development center was established in early 2000, and officially established the enterprise technology center on June 20, 2011. At present, in addition to the existing company's self-built laboratories, it has also established joint laboratories with a number of universities, which combines production, study and research to form a very strong experimental development ...

    Domestic University Cooperation

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    Since its inception, the company has made a clear positioning for itself - striving to become a new type of green energy and green energy project that provides perfect new energy technology and industrial gas products research and development, manufacturing, engineering design and engineering services. Professional gas engineering company....

    Patented Technology