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    Standard Formulation

    Participated in the editing and formulation of 6 China National Standards and 2 International Standard:

  • Technical Requirement of Pressure Swing Adsorption Hydrogen Purification System (GB/T 19773-2005, Participator: Ms. Wu Sujuan)
  • Technical Regulation of Hydrogen Filling Station (GB50516-2010 Participator: Mr. Wang Yeqin)
  • Technical and Safety Regulation of Hydrogen Filling Station(GB/T 34584-2017 Participator: Mr. Wang Yeqin)
  • Basic Requirement for the Safety of Hydrogen System (ISO/TR 15916-2004 Participator: Mr. Wang Yeqin)
  • Adsorber of Pressure Swing Adsorption for Hydrogen Purification (GB/T 29412-2012 Participator: Ms. Gao Jianhua )
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption System for Purification of Hydrogen ( ISO/TC17971 International Standard Participator: Mr. Wang Yeqin)
  • Technical Regulation of Hydrogen Generation via Methanol Reforming – PSA Technology (GB/T 34540-2017, Drafter:Mr. Wang Yeqin, Mr. Ye Genyin, Ms. Yan Yan, Mr. He Qinbao)
  • Hydrogen as Fuel for Vehicles of PEMFC Technology(T/CECA-G 0015-2017, Participator:Mr.Wang Yeqin)