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    Ally exported a batch of online small-scale hydrogen production plant for mobile communication base stations run by fuel cell power.


    Ally developed the largest single methanol converter and built the world's largest methanol conversion hydrogen plant.


    Ally built a hydrogen production station for Xichang and Hainan satellite launching center.


    Ally designed and manufactured a hydrogen production system installed at the hydrogen refueling station to provide hydrogen for vehicles powered by hydrogen during the Beijing Olympic Games


    Hydrogen generation via methane steam reforming technology was large scale applied.

    Fuel ethanol technology was successfully industrialized.

    Air Liquide France appointed Ally Hi-Tech as exclusive partner for hydrogen generation technology in Asia area.


    Coke oven gas pre-treatment and PSA technology were successfully industrialized.

    Methane purification technology was successfully industrialized and obtained patent.

    Hydrogen peroxide technology was successfully industrialized.

    Ally Hi-Tech cooperated with Tongji University to undertake sub item-hydrogen supply technology and devices of major project (electric vehicle) under national 863 project (Shanghai Anting hydrogen filling station).