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  • Founded in 18th September 2000, Ally Hi-Tech Co.,  Ltd. Is a professional gas engineering enterprise which is engaged in the technology development, engineering design and construction as well as engineering service for generation,   separation and purification of industrial  gases (H2, CO, CO2, CH4, N2, O2 and etc.) while also runs in the field of production of industrial  catalysts, valves and sewage treatment as its non-core business.
    Ally’s products are widely used in the fields of steel, petroleum exploration, oil refinery, chemistry, coal chemical industry, chlor-alkali industry, fine chemical industry, Ploy-Silicon, industry gas, fuel ethanol, synthesis ammonia, methanol synthesis, metallurgy, power metallurgy, food processing, aromatics, electronics, glass, medicines Intermediates, astronavigation, pharmaceuticals, fuel-cell, environmental protection, automobiles and new energies etc.
    After years of effort, Ally Hi-Tech has become proficient in hydrogen production technology and reward China Hydrogen Expert. Ally Hi-Tech has contracted several China National-projects, i.e. China national 863 projects, including the hydrogen solutions for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo and Xichang Satellite Launch Center and Hainan Satellite Launch Center and Beijing Aerospace Laboratory. Ally Hi-Tech has also granted more than 38 Patents and exported over 40 sets of hydrogen production plants. As well as Ally Hi-Tech is a qualified supplier for the fortune global 500 and first-rate gas companies.
    Focused on “Advance Technology, Quality Service”, Ally Hi-Tech grows up into renowned national high-tech enterprises at home and abroad.
    In October 2008, Ally Hi-Tech was transformed into an incorporated corporation.