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    China Hydrogen Expert


    Ally Hi-Tech was found in 2000. After years of effort, Ally Hi-Tech has become proficient in gas production and separation and purification tehcnology, typically in hydrogen production technology. Because of this, Ally Hi-Tech rewarded as China Hydrogen Expert in China. Ally Hi-Tech has contracted several China National-projects, i.e. China national 863 projects, including hydrogen solutions for Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo and Xichang Satellite Launch Center and Hainan Satellite Launch Center and Beijing Aerospace Laboratory. Ally Hi-Tech has granted more than 38 China National Patents and exported over 40 sets of Hydrogen production plants. As well as Ally Hi-Tech is a qualified supplier for the fortune global 500 and first-rate gas companies.

    Position and Achievements

    The member of China Hydrogen Energy Standards Committee.

    The Hydrogen Professional Committee member of Chinese Renewable Energy Society.

    The Fuel Cell Committee member of Chinese Electrical Equipment Industry Society.

    Participated in the editing of 6 China National Standards and drafted1 International Standard.

  • Technical and Safety Regulation of Hydrogen Filling Station(GB/T 34584-2017 Participator: Mr. Wang Yeqin)
  • Basic Requirement for the Safety of Hydrogen System (ISO/TR 15916-2004 Participator: Mr. Wang Yeqin)
  • Adsorber of Pressure Swing Adsorption for Hydrogen Purification (GB/T 29412-2012 Participator: Ms. Gao Jianhua )
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption System for Purification of Hydrogen ( ISO/TC17971 International Standard Participator: Mr. Wang Yeqin)
  • Technical Regulation of Hydrogen Generation via Methanol Reforming – PSA Technology (GB/T 34540-2017, Drafter:Mr. Wang Yeqin, Mr. Ye Genyin, Ms. Yan Yan, Mr. He Qinbao)
  • Hydrogen as Fuel for Vehicles of PEMFC Technology(T/CECA-G 0015-2017, Participator:Mr.Wang Yeqin)
  • Participated in 6 China National Hi-Tech R&D plan (863 projects).

    Obtained 38 China National Patents, 1 USA patent and 1 EU patent in publishing period.

    Won a provincial award for technological achievement and a Silver Award from Chengdu municipal government.

    The Role of the Enterprise In the Industry

    Ally Hi-Tech have great strength in gas production and separation and purification technology, including SMR, methanol reforming, coal gasification, PSA decarburization, COG purification etc., especially in research and development of hydrogen production technology. Ally Hi-Tech is at the industry-leading level, driving the other companies in development of hydrogen purification and production technology.